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“Digital currencies are not only the future, they are already strong. Every TOP Coin has its right to exist. Participate in this future oriented technology and take your benefit.”

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What Computing Power, or in other words, which budget do you want us to mine for you?


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You will receive your mined Coins directly to your digital wallet.


  • Best computing power due to fast and efficient hardware
  • highly optimized software solutions
  • participate on the favourable purchasing conditions
  • set your mining power flexible to all available coin at any time
  • daily payouts to your wallets
  • electricity cost reduction due to viable server locations

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Digital Currency

You can always decide freely which coin in our catalogue you would like to mine with your computing power (hash). This way you will get the biggest flexibility.


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Bitcoin is a globally used decentralized payment system and the name of a digital currency. Instead of relying on a centralized control-authority, bitcoins are validated by the community
Bitcoins are limited to 21 million units


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Ethereum is a platform based on an own open blockchain for executing smart contracts. Ethereum uses the crypto currency Ether as Payment method for the computing power distributed by the community.


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Zcash is a decentralized, open source crypto currency that was developed by the Zcash Electric Coin Company. They offer a private and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash transactions are handled by an open blockchain, but the receiver, sender and the amount of the transaction are hidden. Zcash is also limited to 21 million coins.

Let your money work for you

Our offer is targeted to beginners, experts and also big investors.

  • transparent mining
  • charts and tables in the member backend
  • Altcoin mining in pool
  • professional software
  • Full expense control
  • All extras included
  • Up-to-date hardware
  • daily payouts

Coin Charts

Many Coins are burgeoning

Coin mining differs from traditional trading. The key is the coin producing which is the loan for watching over the respetive blockchain.

We exclusively work with alternative coins, the so called Altcoins. Thes altcoins we mine are GPU mineable coins. If you want more information about the respective coins and their development please visit their websites or

What customers say about us

The most important things of a company is the opinion and satisfaction of the customers. Our customers say:

Anna B.

Fitness Trainer & Coach

When I encountered with this opportunity I was highly motivated. I’m not only using mining for myself but also I tell as many people as possible about it.

Isabel S.

entrepreneur retail

Today many people are looking for alternatives for the traditional opportunities. I’m very interested in digital crypto currencies and I decided to use this computing power for me to be part of this digital revolution.

Ralf S.


Digital currencies fascinated me for years and when I learned about this offer I ran the numbers and did go for it


Service is our key feature. That is why we are improving our performance on a daily basis. Our programmers and technicians are the heart of this service.

Best Hardware

We work with the most efficient hardware

inidividual Mining

Configure your mining process in your own member backend.

English support

english support via chat and ticket system

Mining Community

Join a community, create and use advantages together.

daily payouts

We transfer your mined coins to your configured wallet.

Live data in backend

You can see all of your configured resources in your backend

Easy to configure performance without any extra charges values a great service for your customers. Choose your computing power and start your new mining business with us.